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    Regulations specify the terms of purchasing items at the mamsam.pl online store. Placing an order (adding items to cart and clicking the Pay/checkout button) is equivalent to agreeing with all the provisions and information given below.


    1. Contract of Sale is concluded between the user of the store at www.mamsam.pl, hereinafter referred to as “the Customer” and the mamsam.pl store, the Enterprise being managed by Mikołaj Długosz, situated in Warsaw in Lechonia Street 11/3, zip code: 01-556, payer’s tax identification no. : 521-280-84-88, REGON no. : 14267878, referred to as “mamsam.pl Store” later on.

    2. Recording, securing and sharing any relevant provisions of agreements concluded using long-distance communication means shall take place by sending the Customer proof of purchase (receipt, VAT invoice) along with the ordered products.

    3. In order to purchase an item from the mamsam.pl Store and draw up the Contract of Sale at the same time, it is necessary to place an order.

    4. Orders may be placed at any time. The execution of orders shall be proceeded from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM until noon. Orders placed on weekends and public holidays shall be executed on the first business day the order was placed. The mamsam.pl Store warns that during the holiday season (from 10th to 24th December) time of execution may be delayed.

    5. The Customer does not need to register any personal data on the website to place an order.

    6. When placing an order, the requested items have to be chosen from the mamsam.pl Store offer and put into the shopping cart. A condition of placing an order is to fill out the Payment and Shipping form with data essential to execute the order.

    8. Confirming the Pay/Checkout button shall effect in transferring the Customer to PayPal or Dotpay websites — intermediary companies of the mamsam.pl Store.

    9. After making the payment with a chosen method and the account being credited, the Customer shall receive an email confirmation of the order with the chosen shipping option and address of delivery. In the case of not receiving such confirmation despite the payment being deducted from the account, please contact the store at mail@mamsam.pl

    10. As soon as such confirmation is received, the Contract of Sale shall be set according to the given order.


    1. Product prices are given in Polish zlotys (PLN) at the Polish language version of the website and in Euro at the English version. Prices include value added tax (VAT) and fees.

    2. The Customer shall pay for the chosen products by money transfer, via electronic payment provider PayPal or Dotpay or directly into the Company account as soon as the details of the order are sent. The execution of the order shall start after receiving the payment for the Goods or crediting the company or intermediary company accounts.

    3. In the case of foreign orders, it is compulsory to order products via the English version of the website and make the payment in Euros. We may not and shall not ship the product that was purchased in Polish Zlotys outside Poland.

    4. The Order shall be executed if the product is available in stock. If some Products of the order are out of stock, the Customer is informed about the state of the order and decides on the way it should be handled (partial execution/delaying the order/cancelling the order).


    1. Products shall be sent to the chosen address in Poland and around Europe with the Courier. Shipping fees are shown during the process of placing an order depending on the weight of the package and are up-to-date with a current Courier Company’s price list. Shipping costs will depend on the total cost of the Customer’s order.

    2. In the case of wholesale orders (over 50 items), terms of shipping shall be agreed via email at mail@mamsam.pl.

    3. Date of receiving an order by the Customer is a total time it takes for the package to be picked up from the mamsam.pl Store warehouse and the time of delivery. In the case of the Courier Company, the delivery takes at least one business day. The Seller is not responsible for the delivery time. The moment product was given to the courier company it is the Customer who is responsible for any possible benefits and liabilities related to the product and accepts the risk of accidental loss or damaging of the product.

    4. With every product, the proof of purchase is also delivered (receipt or VAT invoice).


    1. Products offered at the mamsam.pl Store are newly manufactured.

    2. If the products are flawed in a way they are non-conforming within the agreement, the Customer has the right to file a complaint. The Customer makes the complaint by post sending the product back to the store with a description of defects and the proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice) to the return address. Then Customer shall receive information about the complaint being processed within 14 days from the day when the complaint was received. If the complaint is not admitted, it shall be replaced with another one and if it is not possible (because the product is out of stock), the mamsam.pl Store shall refund the Customer a full price of the product or offer different products available at the mamsam.pl Store.

    3. If the complaint is not admitted, the product shall be sent back to the Customer with the written motivation of not admitting the complaint. In such case, the shipping costs shall not be refunded.

    4. Upon receiving the goods, the Customer is obliged to check the state of the package and any possible damages should be reported in writing with the person delivering being present.

    5. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without stating the cause in 14 days from receiving the goods and return the product to the mamsam.pl Store. The product has to be returned in the same condition in which it was purchased — not used and in company wrapping — along with the proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice). The cost of return will not be refunded. The refund for the returned product will occur within 3 business days from receiving the return to the account number given by the Customer. The refunded amount is the total price of goods covered by the contract, on which the customer has exercised his right of withdrawal.

    6. The Customer has the right to exchange his product for another. Returning the goods takes place at the Customer’s expense, the mamsam.pl Store covers the costs of new shipping.

    7. The mamsam.pl Store has the right to refuse to accept the return if the returned product was damaged or in any other way deficient or used.

    8. The mamsam.pl Store does not accept any shipments sent cash on delivery.


    1. Personal Data at the mamsam.pl Store’s database is processed only for its use. It is not and will not be made available to any other enterprises. This data is collected with due diligence and adequately protected against access by an unauthorized entity in accordance with the Act of 10 May 2019 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1000).

    2. To the Contract of Sale of products at the mamsam.pl Store Polish law shall apply. The Agreement is drawn up in Polish.

    3. In matters not covered by these rules, the provisions of the Civil Code or other Polish laws applicable to the activities and functioning of the store shall be applied.

    4. The mamsam.pl Store reserves the right to make changes in the rules. Amendments to the Rules shall come into force since the moment of publication at the mamsam.pl.store website. These changes may not and shall not violate the rights acquired by the Customers using the mamsam.pl Store. Regulations come into force on 26th November 2014.

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