About Us

MAMSAM Mugs are associated, first of all, with an aesthetics of PRL (People’ s
Republic of Poland), although they were also inspired from the German design of
1960s. The first patterns referred directly to the Polish applied graphic design
of 1970s. However, with time the designers cooperating with us started to treat
them as a medium of comments towards the present days and to make reference to
the current events or texts of the culture.

MANSAM Mugs, are first and foremost good Polish design as well as the gallery
presenting the works of Polish graphic artists and designers distinguishing

They are formed as limited series, not exceeding 100 pieces (there are mostly 30
pieces of them of one pattern). Each series is an unrepeated collection of
logotypes, which are not produced more by us in case if they have beeen already

Wholesale and orders

There is an opportunity of making MAMSAM Mugs with your logo. You may also get
the patterns into your shop which have been available. In order to agree on the
details of your order, please write to us to our address as follows: mail@mamsam.pl.

Też zrobimy sobie wakacje i wyjeżdżamy do końca lipca. Tych którym się nie śpieszy zapraszamy do zakupów u nas, ale wyślemy je pierwszego sierpnia. A jeśli komuś się śpieszy to proszę pisać na adres mail@mamsam.pl albo zapraszamy do zaprzyjaźnionych sklepów stacjonarnych których adresy znajdziecie w zakładce "O nas". Dismiss