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    At first, they just brought back good memories from summer in the city but they quickly turned out to be universal. Now they are available in concept stores and shops with design. The MAMSAM mugs are one of these things which one pleasantly associate with Poland. They were designed in the late 60s as hotel tableware and have always been praised for their functionality. They were simply easy to store in large numbers in the canteen kitchens. And it is true – you can economise on space by putting one mug inside the other in a combination of threes. This way they take up as much space as a single cup. You can try it for yourself! They have a size of 0.3 liters, are 10 cm high and 8.5 cm wide at the top. They are made of high-quality ceramic. Everything from digging its ingredients out of the ground through designs to sieve printing and finally firing them in a kiln is done locally.
    The design refers to post-war modernism and after so many years it is still modern. The authors of the logos are Polish artists. You can collect the mugs and create your own small art gallery of the best designers!
    And one more thing. If you are worried about a lack of a mug ear just remember: the upper line reminds you where to grab and don’t purr hot water above the image. That’s all! Our mugs are produced in limited series. Hence the wide choice of designs. It means that you will always find something extraordinary . We manufacture mostly 30 pieces of one pattern (not more than 100 pieces).

    Wholesale and orders

    There is a possibility to produce MAMSAM mugs with your logo. You can also order mugs with already existing patterns. For more details please write at mail@mamsam.pl.

    Stationary stores with our MAMSAM mugs:


    Bęc Zmiana – ul. Mokotowska 65, Śródmieście

    Pan Tu Nie Stał – ul. Koszykowa 34/50, Śródmieście

    Cloudmine – ul. Paryska 17, Saska Kępa

    Lookinside – ul. Wileńska 21, Praga


    Rzeczy Same – ul. Nadwiślańska 11

    Forum Designu (dawny Hotel Cracovia) – ul. Focha 1

    Lokator – ul. Mostowa 1

    Tworzywo – Pl. Bohaterów Getta 2

    De Revolutionibus – Pałac Potockich, Rynek Główny 20

    De Revolutionibus – Rynek Podgórski

    Turnusy – Smoleńsk 15, 31-08 Kraków



    Centrum Spotkania Kultur – Plac Teatralny 1


    Pan Tu Nie Stał – ul. Piotrkowska 138/140


    Pańska Store – ul. Pańska 3


    Kiosk Concept Store – ul. Siemińskiego 2


    Baza Tatry – ul. Kościuszki 22

    Polscy Projektanci – Al.3 Maja 5



    Ferry Tales – Rheinsprung 4


    Present & Correct – 23 Arlington Way

    The Feel Good Cafe – 49 Station Rd

    Studio 6- 43 Ebury Bridge Road


    Slavia Kolektiv, Slavia Vintage – 318 Unité d’Habitation Le 13008 Marseille


    Ruth 66 – Torshovgata 3


    Knihkupectvo Artforum – Hlavna street 87

    Kunsthalle Wien- Museumsplatz 1
    Reggio Emilia:
    DOMESTICA-  Piazza Fontanesi 4/D/E/F
    20ME DESIGN&CAFFE- Via Flaminia 314c



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